Common Interface Modules

Common Interface Modules compatibility chart

The Common Interface support of the current DVB driver is broken. That's why most Common Interface Modules don't work at the moment. If you have a CIM not listed here or if you got one of the modules listed as "not working" to work, please let me know.

Module name Hardware/software version decryption algorithm provided works with driver 0.8x works with driver 0.9x works with original firmware restrictions other notes
Irdeto AllCAM 4.6, 4.7 BetaCrypt yes yes yes doesn't work after replay (0.9x)  
AlphaCrypt 1.0 vom 19.05.2001 AlphaCrypt, BetaCrypt no no yes    
Aston 1.03 Seca yes yes ?    
Aston 1.05 Seca no yes yes doesn't work after replay, problems with alternate languages doesn't work with some Rev. 1.3 cards?!
Cryptoworks - Cryptoworks yes yes ? driver must be reloaded if CIM hasn't been used for some time  
Telenor Conax   Conax ? yes ? sometimes doesn't work after replay  
Viaccess SMC Microsystems
Black Label Viaccess yes yes no sometimes doesn't work with 0.9 driver  
Viaccess SMC Microsystems Red Label Viaccess no no ?    
Viaccess SMC Microsystems 1.0 V481, application V1.05.001 Viaccess ? yes ? driver has to be restarted several times before the CIM works  
MagicModule PentaCrypt 1.05, 1.08, 1.09
GlobeCam 2.04
Tetracrypt 1.0
Gammacrypt 0.12b
Irdeto/BetyCrypt, Irdeto2, Seca, Seca2, Viaccess, Viaccess2, Nagravision ? yes ? tested only BetaCrypt, Irdeto, Viaccess;
sometimes CAM has to be reinserted to start decrypting
works well after replay, alternate languages work, works after period of inactivity, switching crypt systems works most of the time

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